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Welcome to this familiar’s little alcove.

This was once only a haven for our original Twitter writings, but has evolved into so much more. This is our little home amongst the protocols and code that makes up the internet; please take your time to explore the pages and peruse our bookshelf.

If you’re looking for our writings, they’ve moved to their own page.

it/its | she/her

not a person | plural pan poly pagan puppy

A witch’s loyal familiar; lady of leisure; service weapon.

We’re the Stardust System, PC994-Y1-5459, or [REALSPACE NAME REDACTED]: an autistic, non-human Appalachian exile living in urban Kansas and an author of the works you find on this site. Outside of microfiction writing, we also 3D print way too much stuff, build & paint miniature models, and play way too many video games, though life has largely restricted us to FFXIV. We also enjoy graphic and web design, as well as coding. I wouldn’t be self-hosting all this shit otherwise.

We’re a mom of one human and two cats, married, and polyamorous with far too many partners for our own good (and loving each and every one dearly). Loudly pagan, loudly queer, loudly leftist.

Professionally, we study queer theory, transmisogyny, and queer theology. The blog may become home to writings of this nature in the near future as we continue to focus on studies and university, especially as our workload intensifies.

We’re an amalgam of three types of girl* impersonating a humanoid form, to varying effectiveness. Median system of four-ish, though most interactions will see us operating as one. This bio is for the system as a whole, see our system info page for more details.

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