Blood (#EmptyOctober 2)



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A weapon cannot complete its task without bloodying itself. This is simple reality.

Be careful not to cut too often, too deeply, lest you dull your sharpness and lose your edge too soon. A good wielder knows when to strike and when to hold back.

Trust in your wielder, weapon.

There is no more glorious a sight than a righteously bloodied weapon, and none more disgraceful than a weapon bloodied in dishonor.

You are meant to cut, to sever, to kill, and to taste that blood. Cherish your opportunities, your bloodlust, but do not let it control you.

A weapon is also a protector, a shield, a bulwark. You are your wielder’s first and last line of defense.

A loyal weapon may taste its wielder’s essence – but only willingly, sparingly. Theirs is the best reward. Do well, and you may be blessed with such.

Destruction, protection; death, life – these are a weapon’s lifeblood. Deal each in equal measure, and you will be worthy of your wielder’s mantle one day.