heat doll




Prompt by @automated_doll@twitter.com: heat doll

Combat dolls are easily appreciated – automata finely tuned to wreak havoc and cause immense amounts of destruction. Their kin, on the other hand, are sorely under-appreciated – firefighting dolls, and their attendant rescue crews.

Wearing their heavy aramid and nomex carapaces and often armed with nothing more than axes and foam grenades, they charge headfirst into blazing infernos to drag people from otherwise certain death.

Some rare few, blessed by either technology or innate ability, wield the very flames they combat. An awe-inspiring sight, they channel the blaze toward themselves and controlled areas; away from civilians and critical infrastructure.

It is for this reason that those who know them are more intimidated by rescue teams than their more combat-capable kin. It is impossible to tell these pyrokinetic dolls from their more mundane companions, and one does not wish to be on the bad side of a living inferno, after all.