Not a Whisper, but a Roar




Alerts blared across the HUD and in the cockpit. She dismissed them with a flick of her eyes, taking stock of the damage and summarily ignoring it. The only thing that mattered is the main gun was still operational, and she could still turn. That was good.

The link crackled back to life, bringing a familiar voice. “-rder you to fall back, Whisper! You’re too badly damaged! Ada! Do you hear me?!” She chuckled. She couldn’t fall back, of course. Ammo count – 10 rounds left.

At least she managed to reload before the mechanism jammed. “I’m truly sorry, ma’am. I can’t do that.” Her commander’s voice quivered. She could picture her now, slamming a fist on the display.


“I love you, ma’am. I’ll make sure they won’t get to you.”

The next wave was already approaching, and her onboard computers beginning to calculate firing solutions for targets. She was a weapon, after all. That’s what everyone else called her, and it was a weapon’s job to cut until it shattered.

None would pass this hill while she still drew breath. “I’ll see you on the other side of all of this, my love. Whisper, out.” There was a brief scream from the link before she tapped it off, severing their connection for the last time.

Hands gripped the controls. Fingers tightened on triggers.

All that remained was the fight. And what a glorious fight it would be.