terrible combat doll




Prompt by @automated_doll@twitter.com: terrible combat doll

“Ma’am, let me get this straight. You repurposed a civilian assistant doll into a combat doll?
“…that’s a fucking terrible idea. It’s your funeral though, I guess.”
“Whatever. Am I dismissed, major?” Fucking witches.

It’s not like he could pull rank on her. The witches had their own structure and were simply attached to his unit for operations. Still…he was tempted to try to order her to go get a standard-issue doll frame instead of whatever terrible project she was bringing into his FOB.

Those worries would be for naught after reviewing the last engagement reports. A tiny little thing, the doll was, barely five feet tall and slimmer than the skinniest soldier. It moved with an inhuman grace, flitting from line to line like a butterfly.

A far cry from the walking tanks he was used to working with. It had apparently been good for morale, too. It actually spoke and conversed with the soldiers.
“My mistress has ordered me to ensure your survival, so it will be so. This one does not fail,” one report said.

And surely enough…it hadn’t. More men came back alive from the previous engagement than had been expected; more than should’ve made it back. Maybe this project wasn’t such a terrible combat doll after all.